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HELP! My Drywall Texture is Drying too Quick

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

This is especially annoying if you are attempting intricate drywall textures, such as using comb tools to enhance and beautify your interior ceilings and walls.

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Many ceilings and walls are porous, prior to any kind of decorating or plastering. If you intend to make texture patterns you will need to seal, or prime, the ceiling / wall beforehand.

Sealing a wall / ceiling acts as two functions; to diminish as much porosity so the compound (texture) you apply does not dry too quickly whilst you are making patterns.

This allows more work time for your combing techniques.

Another function of sealing / priming ceilings and walls is so the texture adheres to the surface.

In DIY and home-stores, there are solutions available which tackle the problems of porous surfaces.

Many of these products may require thinning with amounts of water, as specified on the container, to cure the surface you are about to texture onto.

Some advice from staff working there will help immensely for you to choose the correct product.

You will be looking for the solution to take away porosity from interior ceilings and walls.

If the area is really porous, a few coats of solution will be required, allowing each coat to dry prior to adding the next coat of solution.

Follow the manufacturers recommendation on how to thin the product (if required) for your particular surface, and this mixture then can be rolled on or painted onto the surface.

Very important: Always allow sealer / primer to dry completely prior to texturing onto it.

Other factors to consider why texture dries too quick; is the room too hot? Texture also air dries and is best practiced in cooler climates - such as early in the morning before the sun heats the room.

Also, make sure there are no central heating and warm pipes underneath the plasterboards of wallboards

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