• Dale Ovenstone

Try this Free-Hand Drywall Texturing Project Using a Set of Comb Tools

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Make free-style textured ceiling medallions around your ceiling's center-piece

Making patterns using drywall compound (texture) is fun and can leave a lasting impression on viewers to your textured creation.

I have included a free 43 minute texturing video tutorial showing you how to make these amazing and ornamental ceiling features using texture compound and a set of comb tools

The video covers all aspects; choosing your tools, sealing / priming the area to be textured, mixing up the compound to the consistency required for making textured medallions, laying onto the area, using each comb to make a plethora of patterns and effects, and finally, cleaning off.

1: The area to be textured is sealed and left to dry prior to commencing (which takes care of the porosity.)

2: The texture is mixed to the consistency and spread onto the area around the center fitting of the ceiling.

3: The use of comb tools are shown to create the pattern.

4: the perimeter around the comb pattern is cleaned off, leaving a neat textured ceiling medallion you made all by yourself

Click on the picture above will take you to the free video tutorial.

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