Step Down Cove Ceiling Feature (Beautify your Ceilings with DIY)

by Dale Ovenstone 2019


A unique, study at home instructional guide showing photographic steps to creating beautiful ceiling features in as little as 3 days onto existing ceilings inside your home or place of work, with little or none prior knowledge or experience.


'Step down coved ceiling feature' is an e-book (PDF) and will be delivered instantly to your mailbox upon purchase. You can access the information immediately


Step Down Cove Celing Feature contains 35 pages with clear steps, photos and learnable instructions for you to create outstanding features onto one (or maybe more) of your existing ceilings inside your dwelling 


So let me ask you what do you think the ceiling feature is made of?


Wood, maybe? Metal? I don't know but I bet it cost quite a bit?'


No. But I am going to let you in on a secret which is not metal or even wood, but a much simpler DIY building material available in most locations


The material used for creating step features inside this book is actually, plasterboard/wallboard, adhesive and of course, cornice/coving


Day 1 (1st part): clear out room, measure and go get the materials. measure mark & cut. Stick up step.


Day 2 (2nd part): measure mark & stick up cornice/coving


Taking into consideration you are an inquisitive learner to the techniques within, therefore I have written the guide in a plain to understand and to implement way, so others can follow along with no questions to crafting the entire ceiling & feature together


Day 3 (Third part): add paint, Voila!


* No specialist or expensive tools required to create step down coved ceiling features inside your home


* Once you master the concepts of the simplicity of the methods utilised for creating step down cove ceiings, your mind will soon expand towards creative ideas for future features adorning other ceilngs


* No mitre boards or special mitre triangles or any technical/tricky/expensive tools for cutting / marking the cornice/coving 


You will need a pencil and an ordinary hand-held wood saw, there's no denying


If you would like to contact me: keepithandy@googlemail.com


Go on, Create a Craze! 2019


Dale Ovenstone


You will get a PDF (11MB) file

Step Down Cove Ceiling Featue